About Us

I am the Grandmother of four wonderful little boys, they are my everything.

I remembered when my daughter was pregnant with my first grandchild.  She didn’t like the quality or the styles of the baby products available in the retail stores.  She wanted the look of her nursery to be unique and different.  

I realized that there are probably, a lot of other women having the same issues or needs that my daughter had finding trendy, unique quality baby products.

So I decided to create high quality baby essentials, that would brighten or warm any nursery.  With these cute and trendy prints you could have a nursery you always dreamed of.

It turns out, the road was more difficult than I imagined.  Starting a new business from scratch, building a website and finding quality suppliers.  Doing all of this, while maintaining all the other day to day responsibilities.

But then I remembered why I wanted to start all of this in the first place…  To give other moms a place to find trendy, unique quality baby items.

Through it all, we released our first products and the response has been pure love from everyone who sees them.

Email Us! We love to help you with your nursery, answer any questions you might have, or maybe even tell us how we can do better! And, in the meantime, make sure to follow Tuesday June on Facebook or Instagram. You can find us on Pinterest too!

Thanks for visiting our shop!!

We are thrilled that everyone who uses our baby essentials, knows they are getting delightful creations worthy of the little ones in their world.