New things are going to happen!!

So I know that it has been a long time since I have posted anything in my blog.  So many things have been going on this year and I have been so busy.

So what has been going on and taking up all my time ? –  To start out with on a personal note, I have had pneumonia twice this year.  With being sick it has definitely puts a wrench in my plans and my progress.   Happy distractions are my grandsons and my daughter having my third grandson.

On a business note – I have been busy sewing for local shops that now sell my items.  This has been awesome and they are wonderful shops.

Mint Baby Decor in Salem

Eden and Faith Boutique in Happy Valley

But what has been taking up almost all of my time is…  I have been working on some really exciting changes that are going to be happening in the next coming month.  We will also be having some upcoming sales, giveaways and a new product line coming in the fall.  We have some amazing new fabrics that I know you will just love.

So stay tuned in for all the exciting changes, sales, giveaways and new products coming here soon.  To keep posted and updated, join our VIP email list by clicking here.