Tuesday June Announces a New Collection That Wows Customers!

We are so excited about our new collection!!  Check it out ~ Our Winter Sunshine collection was featured in these awesome publications.

Following this year’s trends, Tuesday June’s baby essentials will transform any nursery and leave modern moms coming back for more.

It’s no secret that Tuesday June’s brand new collection, to be presented next week, will include truly remarkable fabrics that transform nurseries from basic to bold. The Winter Sunshine Collection will launch November 1, 2016 with 16 new pieces that will surely captivate customers with its best-selling designs. Its four themes capture the Winter Sunshine Collection in a way that will exceed your expectations. 

Trendy moms will sprint to their computers to get their hands on this season’s collection’s first theme, Nile. The premier fabrics that make up Nile will stand out above the rest with the timeless and historic presence that these pieces bring to any nursery. Nile prints, which feature navy blue and Pantone’s spicy mustard, will be available in buttery smooth sheets, blankets, and even more essentials.

If customers are looking for luxury in the form of baby blankets, look no further than Tuesday June’s Bloom theme. Baby girls, as well as their nurseries, will be soothed among Bloom’s harmonious colors. The rich, bright purple with hints of sophisticated pinks, mints, and primrose yellows are the perfect fit for your needs.

Without a doubt, the Brave theme’s flawless look works seamlessly with any nursery. The vibrant, spicy mustard feel is stunning in Brave’s geometric, dream catcher prints. The wild and free patterns allow customers to have the modern look they desire.

Last but not least, the Dandelion theme brings the Winter Sunshine Collection full circle. These precious and delicate florals are stunning and vibrant. These colors are sure to captivate customers and provide the kind of nursery about which one has only dreamed.

This Winter Sunshine Collection is the ultimate in luxury when it comes to nursery and baby essentials. Tuesday June has meticulously handcrafted each item to fashion these must-haves to fit every trendy mom’s needs.