Why Tuesday June?

Why the changes and where does Tuesday June come from??

I loved the name ‘Mima’s Nursery Shoppe’, it was special to me.  When I first thought about changing it, it made me kind of sad.  ‘Mima’ is what my wonderful grandsons call me.

But it is time for a change, to freshen it up and to make the name easier to remember.

I bet you are wondering why Tuesday June?  Where did it come from?

So here is the story~

When my mother got pregnant with her first child, my father so wanted a boy, that he would not discuss any girl names.  He was determined that she was having a boy and he was going to be named David James.  Well, when my sister was born and was clearly not a boy, they had no name for her.  So they decided to call her Barbara Jo.

Then three years later my mother was pregnant with her second child and again my father would not discuss any girl names.  When I was born and clearly not David James, again they had no name for me.  So my Mom said, how about Lisa Marie??  No, my Dad said, how about Tuesday June??  “Well, she was born in June and today is Tuesday”…

They did not decide to use Tuesday June, but instead calling me Bonnie June.

My parents tried one more time for a boy 18 months later,  they ended up with twin girls!!!  Beverly Jane and Becky Jean.

I had heard this story so many times growing up, I loved the name and had always wished they had used it.

I hope you enjoyed hearing this story.  I love the name, new logo and colors and I hope you like the changes too.